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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PST

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that's one motion. >> sorry clarify added in. >> that was added in on wednesday and my motion is to remove that second is supervisor avalos at wednesday meeting moved to change the 20 employee or more threshold the definition of employer in into owners to one so it went from 20 to one from my understanding and my motion is to add that 20 employee or more threshold back in and the rational for me it will help some of the smaller franchises and there's data that i know marsha restraining order hospital from supervisor chiu's office or working to show there's a relatively small
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number of employees that is impacted and along with president chiu harding this back in to 20 is a critical part especially for those types of small franchises that are being sensitive to our legislation. >> actually, i, second the first amendment i really don't understand the rational for going back up to the threshold of 20 anyhow mecca that work we want to be able to establish retention policies and predictable scheduling in small businesses through this legislation. >> formula retail i don't see the size of the business it should matter when overriding policy is to build retention
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policies for scheduling why shouldn't he apply to those businesses because their smaller seems like the workers will have the same need of predictability if we're creating a position where the scheduling is enhancing the employment capacity of the store or the franchise it is a policy we want to create we want to create better jobs we're doing that it is two-fold i'm not clear why we want to weaken the legislation. >> if i could through the chair respond. >> i'll just say i won't speak for president chiu but a difference of employees with h and m or jay crew that can transfer employees across different stores from downtown to the san francisco westerfield center but when it's a franchise
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like a mcdonald or k f c that hazard employees for that franchise it's a different story they can't have the employees coming from the other franchise it's a small number and makes sense given the smaller picture of moving forward with the legislation that flexibility for those types of franchises. >> okay supervisor you have two motions and the third around the six months effective date i'm in agreement from a number of speakers from the public six months effective date but not on the six months ramp up that's a discussion based on decide from the office of economic workforce development and on that was the original lead in the legislation to me it makes sense to extend
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that to six months but not nor the ramp up to eliminate the six months ramp up period. >> so to be clear six months ramp up now a 9 - >> mr. iga in her. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney so going into the last wednesday the ordinance had a months paragraph active day not going into effect until months later an amendment made on wednesday extend it back to 6 months the entire amendment not practitioner all until the six months period supervisor mar wants to keep that an additional contemplate once the ordinance
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becomes app operative the vice president can't issue penalties and supervisor mar is proposing today to eliminate the second six months. >> okay. i appreciate that. >> so supervisor mar a total of 3 amendments. >> okay supervisor avalos what would be your presence to do roll diddling. >> yeah. >> i don't want to support the 20 they recalled. >> okay. so colleagues from my prospective just as we've talked about this ordinance i'm getting up to speed in committee i know it's a committee report to be heard tomorrow i would say i'll be confront into this discussions as i've talked with people i; right have no doubt
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there's been a lot of feedback and the final strokes you have merit to continue to work on that from a labor side and american people employer side but i understand the desire to move that forward and this makes sense as well so i'm happy from my perspective i'll be supporting outline your amendments but i don't know about the items for tomorrow i'm happy to support a no recommendation coming out of committee and do it with recommendation i'll reserve my ability to vote yes or no madam clerk can we do a roll call vote on supervisor mar's legislation individually. >> motion one by supervisor mar supervisor mar so this is a motion to remove adding the 2 had had they recalled for worker
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retention provisions in the supervisor mar supervisor campos ordinance and on that motion. >> supervisor mar supervisor avalos supervisor farrell there 3 i's. >> okay motion passes. >> and motion number 2 is to change the 20 employee or the one employee or more up to or more as a threshold in 9 definition the employer in both ordinances my motion to change that back to 20 the original. >> on that motion. >> supervisor mar supervisor avalos no supervisor farrell 2 i's one no. >> that motion passes and my last motion the third one to change the operative date from months to have months which
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is what we did but to remove the 6 month ramp up period that goes after the operative dated for both ordinances. >> on that motion supervisor mar supervisor avalos supervisor farrell there are 3 i's and that motion passes par so supervisor mar those items again your call or supervisor avalos with recommendation or without. >> i support the underlying ordinances and will follow supervisor mar's lead on that so i'd like prefer to send it out with recommendation with a vote and thank my colleagues and the city attorney's office for all the work and i know there will be further decision to with a positive recommendation as a committee reporter for the board
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meeting tomorrow november 18, 2014, okay. we have a motion that i supervisor mar roll call vote. >> supervisor mar supervisor avalos supervisor farrell no there are 2 i's one no. >> okay items pass. >> they can colleagues madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> no, mr. chair. >> thanks everyone we're adjourned >> good morning. >> are you ready?
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>> okay. >> good morning, the meeting will now come to order. welcome to the regular meeting of the transportation authority finance committee, i'm cohen, share of the committee and to high left is tang and to my right, scott weiner, david chiu has officially resigned from the transportation authority finance committee. and will be moving on. and madam, clerk, the clerk is steve. sorry. >> and also, would i like to thank, charles our friend up at sfgovt tv for broadcasting this meeting, mr. clerk, could you please call item number 2 item one one? >> roll call. >> cohen? >> present. >> commissioner farrell? >> absent. >> tang? >> present. >> commissioner weiner.
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>> present. >> we have a quor up. >> could you call the next item? >> consent calendar, 2 and 3 comprise the consent calendar, these are routine and not presenting but prepared to present if desired, any of them may be removed and considered separately. >> thank you very much. >> is there a staff presentation on items 2 and 3, no let's take public comment on item two and three. >> seeing that there is no members of the public that would like to comment on these two items, and this item is a roll call volt for item two and three. >> cohen. >> question. yes. >> farrell. >> absent. >> tang. >> aye. >> weiner. >> aye. >> consent calendar passes. >> all right. thank you very much. please call the next item. >> item four, recommend acceptance of the audit report for the fiscal year ending june
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30, 2014. this is a action item. >> we have the presentation. >> today we have the fiscal year, 13, 1 4, audit, we have our auditor is here to present the result and in addition to ad iting the financial statements also a single audit over the programs in the authority since we have received more than $500,000 of federal funds, i would turn to over to cindy she is a partner, and she is the auditor on the audit, thank you. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> good morning. thank you for this opportunity to present the results of our audit. the scope of the transportation audit includes the financial statements of the transportation authority as a whole along with its four major
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programs, the sales tax, congestion management and the transportation fund for clean air and the vehicle registration fee and programs and the federal compliance audit of the federal award program, the results of the 2014, audit are found in two deliverables and the annual report f, found on page 30 of your packet and the report to the finance committee found on page 88 of your packet. the purpose of the audit is to obtain reasonable assurance that the financial statements are fairly stated and that the applicable framework of the audit includes generally accepted accounting principals, auditing standards and prom gated by the gaap and accepted by the aicpa.
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>> and the gao. >> and a summary of the results of the audit is found on page 55 of the annual financial report or 86 of your packet in it we rendered an unmodified, and we did not have weaknesses over the financial reporting to report. and this is a favorable out come. >> and we performed a compliance audit on the transportation authority, federal expenditures since the authority had more than 500,000 of federal expenditures during this past year, the u.s. department of transportation requires that we perform additional compliance tests work on the authority's management and control activities, and we also issued and did not have materialal
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weaknesses or any other findings over the compliance to report as well. >> >> the second report is the report to the finance committee and under the professional standards we are to provide, the oversight bodies with information on the following seven items as listed in the slight prepttation, and this is included in the report to the committee. as related to the aspects of the accounting practices the authority was required to implement the renewed accounting standards this past year and these new standards did not impact the authority financial statement of the presentation, and the authority also changed the revenue recognition of the period from 120 to 90 days to conform with the city's change and the other
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communications are nothing out of the ordinary and we did not encounter any differents or disagreements with the management. >> and i would like to thank the authority staff for facilitating the audit process which started in june, and it earlier of this, this month. and it was a smooth as it can be, and given the authority was in the midst of a new system conversion project as well. and with that, i would like to turn this back over to ... >> thank you, no irregularities or any red flags or anything of concern. >> yeah, thank you. >> i just want to clarify a little bit on a single audit, the federal audit, they took a look at the island ramp and bridge structure the e-fleet, car program, the integrated public, private and partnership and the san francisco value and
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pricing and regulation study, treasure island mowbility management program, and the congestion management agency planning and programming and the surface transportation program and all of this was funded by federal funds and the audits came back clean and i would like to just mention that it was a huge effort to share with the new implementation happening and i would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the staff and especially (inaudible) hew, who kelley (inaudible) and i mean that this year was one of those years that we had more work than normal and we were able to come out with the clean audit and implement the erp system on time too. with the really good year for us. thank you, and with that, i am more than happy to answer any questions and so is miss pawn. >> colleagues are there any questions? >> seeing none, no questions at this time. >> thank you, let's take the public comment on this item? >> public comment is opened.
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seeing no comment, public comment is closed. >> could you call the next item. >> a roll call vote. >> yes. >> item number 4. >> cohen. >> aye. >> farrell. >> absent. >> taning? >> aye. >> weiner aye. >> the item passes. >> thank you, could you call the next item. >> introduction of new items. >> thank you. >> are there any supervisors or commissioner tang has a new item for introduction. >> thank you. so, today, i wanted to request that the transportation authority conduct a strategic analysis report and by way of background, what our office is looking and hoping to do in partnership with the ta is really to examine some of the transportation needs and specifically, in connection to certain nodes that would help to better our out lying neighborhoods as well as the sunset district and others. >> and so we work with the
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community to put together the sunset district, blueprint and the road map for what we would like to see happen and of course, one of the biggest issues that we always face is the transportation, and the public transportation and so one of it is things that we know, but as well as through the ta's san francisco, transportation plan is that there really are a geographic disparities, but not just my district but supervisor cohen as well and a lot of the out lying neighborhoods and the idea is that we would like to explore the ways that we can better shuttle our residents through certain transit nodes and whether it be local such as through the west portal or a regional connection, such as to the bart and call train and so i am hoping to also address some of the emerging needs that do exist as well, such as with the taxi industry or even the ride sharing industry and how we can be really proactive and thinking about how we manage some of those programs. and so, we of course, look forward to working with the ta in developing a scope for this
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strategic analysis, report. and hoping to receive a scope by december, and look forward to again, looking with our ta staff and our community and in developing this, with that, i submit. >> great. >> see if there is any members of the public that would like to speak? >> would you like to make a comment? >> chief deputy, thank you, and commissioners tang, just for the benefit of the committee and those folks watching, we do budget each year to do one to three strategic analysis report and they typically are on policy issue and topics where you are looking for a quick information to support a policy decision or a scoping to lead to the next step and the procedure is once, the commissioner, requests this we will return with a scope that is subject to the approval by the board before you are authorized to begin the work and we will do that next week. >> just in two short weeks. >> thank you. >> let's go to public comment.
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>> public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> let's go to the next item. >> 6, public comment. >> general public comment is open. >> okay. general public comment is closed of >> is there anything else. >> there is item 7, adjournle. >> thank you, this meeting is officially adjourned.
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>> good morning, today is november 25, 2014, welcome to the san francisco transportation authority. my name is john avalos, the chair of the authority, and today, this meeting is being clerked by our clerk, steve, if i can get the last name. steve, stamos, thank you and, cell women to your first leading, clerking the transportation authority, the meeting is brought to us by the staff, and hegan and thank you for your service, steve, would you please, call the roll. >> roll call?
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>> avalos? >> present. >> breed. >> here. >> campos? >> absent. >> chiu. >> here. >> cohen? >> absent. >> farrell. >> absent. >> kim. >> here. mar. >> absent. tang? >> present. >> commissioner weiner. >> present. >> commissioner yee. >> present. >> we have a quorum. >> very good, and let's call the next item please? >> item two, approve the minutes of the october, 21, 2014, meeting it is an action item. questions on the minutes? >> motion to approve. >> from commissioner weiner and we will go to public comment, and any member of the public that would like to comment. and seeing none, we will close public comment and we will take a roll call vote. >> avalos? >> aye. >> breed. >> aye. >> campos?
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>> absent. >> chiu? >> aye. >> cohen? >> absent. >> farrell. >> absent. >> kim? >> aye. >> mar? >> absent. >> tang? >> aye. >> commissioner weiner? >> aye. >> yee? >> aye. >> the item passes. >> go on to the next item. >> item three, chair's report, this is an information item. >> thank you. colleagues, the election early this month, marked two important milestones, for transportation in san francisco. first voters sent a strong supportive message about the transportation funding and policy with the passage of propositions a and b and the transportation bond and funding measure and with the defeat of prop l, that sought to hold back the long standing policy, the transportation joins with the san francisco transportation authority and other city agencies in thanking
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the voters of san francisco for supporting much-needed investment in our city's local and regional transportation system. we look forward to rolling up our sleeves to help to deliver the improvements that will support our city's visioner zero, to drive the traffic fatalities to zero and, that will support reliability and improve traffic management and in the bikes and the walking grass across the city, in order to assure, broad based benefits i have also been seeking the sfmta assurance that will apply to the equity policy and analysis to propositions a and b, programs and i am hopeful that it will be supported i have actually called for a meeting or a hearing at the board of supervisors, to cover that very topic. election night marked another major milestone for transportation in our city and it was 25 years ago, this november, that voters approved the first half cent tax known as proposition b and also
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created the transportation authority to administer the program and the local transportation sales tax that was reauthorized in three and renamed, proposition k, helps to pay for projects large and small across san francisco, speaking on behalf of my colleagues on the board, we are grateful that the voters with allowed the transportation authority to have the half cent sales tax, every dollar, helps to attract more in state and federal and local funds, all of the programs outlined in the proposition k, plan, generate the benefits city wide and the major capitol projects are all moving forward including a rebuild, or a rebuild of the parkway and the subway extension to china town, and the transbay transit center and cal train electrickfiation as well as the bus and networks and looking around the city and
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in my own district, i can see evidence of a transportation evidence work of agencies and the community, from the ongoing improvements and new generations of vehicles at the balboa park bart station, and the plan studies and the capital improvements that emerge from them. we also celebrate, 25 years of community safety and safe routes to transit and kaoul and significant problem kay support of any transit program. and i know that our executive director has some special come menive activities, planned. and the colleagues on the board in the coming months to review the many accomplishments of the transportation authority. we will highlight the tradition of accountability and transparency and community, involvement here at the da and celebrate improvements in all san franciscans have benefited from, and look ahead to shaping
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our long range transportation vision, for the city and delivering the next century of transportation improvements and for now, let me wish the transportation authority, a happy 25th birthday, and to each of you and for for our public, watching from home, have a safe and happy thanksgiving holiday. thank you, very much and that concludes my remarks. >> and if we have no comments, from colleagues, we will go on to public comment, and any member of the public that would like to comment on thit em come forward and seeing none, we will close public comment. and go on to the next item. >> item four, executive director's report, this is an information item. >> good morning, chair avalos, i am please to present my monthly report, which is on your desks, and thank you again, for recognizing the tremendous out comes for transportation and in the november elections together with the sfmta and all of the partners and agencies were delighted and want to echo our
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thanks to the residents and voters of san francisco for providing us more resources to improve transportation. and as well, we will be presenting you with really fun, and wonderful come menive activists to tell brait the 25th anniversary of the transportation authority in the next month or so. on cap and trade to lead off the report today, we are glad that the final definition of the result, for how the regulations will be developed have come out, and we saw some movement to help with how these will effect san francisco based on our advocacy and we recognize that there will be three census tracks that will qualify for so-called, disadvantaged community status, and this is or an improvement over the initial version that only identified one potential eligible census track and so there are three and the tender loin and the soma and the bay view hunter's points and the tracks that will qualify for that status, and the growth, council really stressed the guidelines for the affordable housing sustain able grant
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programs. and here, we still have more work to do and we are trying to shape those together with other city and regional agencies we are working very closely with the mayor's office and abag and atc and management agencies, to insure that this is a program that can be smoothly implemented and administratively not too difficult to try to combine the formal housing with transportation programs, to meet the state's greenhouse gas emissions targets. the hopeful sign is that they have delayed a meeting to consider the guidelines, to revise those, in response to the public input, and so that that meeting will happen in january, and we will be able to report back next year to see how that shakes out. the other state wide issue and regional issue that we have been working hard on is the cal train electrickfiation program and there is progress and we want to appreciatech


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